Our Staff

Josh Zinner

Josh Zinner

Phone: 212-870-2294

Josh is responsible for ICCR’s strategic leadership and the lead external representative for the organization. See more.


Kyle Cheseborough
Associate for Development & Membership

Phone: 212-870-2936
Email: kcheseborough@iccr.org

Kyle supports ICCR’s fundraising, membership cultivation and retention campaigns. See more.


Naseefa Hamid
Director of Finance and Administration

Phone: 212-870-2926
Email: NHamid@iccr.org

Naseefa is responsible for ICCR's financial reporting and human resources systems. See more.

Jaana Hinkkanen
Director of Development

Phone: 212-870-2623
Email: jhinkkanen@iccr.org

Jaana is responsible for overseeing all foundation and corporate fundraising at ICCR.


Susana McDermott
Director of Communications

Phone: 212-870-2938
Email: smcdermott@iccr.org 

Susana is responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of all aspects of internal and external communications strategies. See more.


Victoria Moilan
Office Coordinator & Network Administrator

Phone: 212-870-2293
Email: vmoilan@iccr.org

Victoria coordinates administrative office logistics and technology. She also plays a leading role in organizing ICCR's Annual General Meeting. See more.


Julie Wokaty
Publications and Web Site Specialist


Phone: 212-870-2318
Email: jwokaty@ iccr.org

Julie is responsible for maintenance of the organization’s websites, shareholder databases and for the development of ICCR publications. See more.


Valentina Gurney
Associate Program Director

Phone: 212-870-3039
Email: vgurney@iccr.org


Nadira Narine
Senior Program Director, Strategic Initiatives

Phone: 212-870-2275
Email: nnarine@iccr.org

Nadira is responsible for strategic development and planning, tactical coordination and evaluation of a broad range of investor actionsin the areas of food and water sustainability. See more.


David Schilling
Senior Program Director - Human Rights & Resources

Phone: 212-870-2928
Email: dschilling@iccr.org

David provides broad-based leadership to ICCRs programmatic functions, working closely with management, other program staff and members to develop and implement issue-based strategy.  See more.

Christina Cobourn Herman
Program Director 

Christina Cobourn Herman 

Phone: 212-870-2316
Email: cherman@iccr.org

Christina is responsible for strategic development, tactical coordination and evaluation a broad range of investor actions in the areas of climate change and environmental justice. See more.


Meg Jones-Monteiro 
Program Director -- Health Equity

Phone: 212-870-2984
Email: mjonesmonteiro@iccr.org

Meg is responsible for leadership of ICCR’s shareholder engagement and advocacy on global and domestic health issues. See more.

Paloma Muñoz Quick
Program Director - Investor Alilance for Human Rights (IAHR)

Email: Pmunozquick@iccr.org

Working with ICCR members and senior staff, Paloma is helping to establish the IAHR - a first of its kind network to coordinate broadbased investor advocacy on both public policy and corporate engagements on a range of human rights and labor rights issues. See more.


Mary Vaccari
Program Associate

Phone: 212-870-2599
Email: mvaccari@iccr.org

Mary supports both program work and financial operations through a wide variety of coordinating and support assignments. See more.

Devika Suraj Kaul
Research Assistant

Email: ssurakaul@iccr.org

Devika supports the Climate and Environment team at ICCR to help manage investor engagement with energy and utility companies on methane emissions reduction and transitioning to a low carbon economy. Read more.



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