ICCR Members Participate in ARC's Faith in Finance Conference

A group of ICCR members participated in the Faith in Finance conference hosted by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation in Zug, Switzerland October 30 - November 1st. Attending were Tim Brennan of the Unitarian Universalist Association; ICCR's Board Chair, Rev. Séamus Finn, OMI of the Missionary Oblates; Rob Fohr of the Presbyterian Church USA; Susan Makos of Mercy Investment Services; Katie McCloskey of United Church Funds and Julie Hammerman and Josh Ratner of J-Lens.

The Zug Guidelines to Faith-Consistent Investing were launched at the Faith in Finance meeting. They outline the priorities for future investment by 30 traditions from eight of the world's major faiths – Buddhism, Christianity,

Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Shintoism – focusing on how faiths can use their investments to support environmental and sustainable development for a better world. 

Séamus Finn OMI, chair of the board of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, addressed the conference which was hosted at the LaSalle Haus, on the second day. In his remarks, Fr. Séamus talked briefly about the origins of ICCR more than 45 years ago and the historic legacy that the organization has achieved through a strategy of consistent substantive engagement with publicly traded corporations. His complete remarks are accessible here

This engagement strategy is rooted in the rights and responsibilities that all investors assume when they invest in corporations, informed through the extensive networks that faith traditions have throughout the world and guided by the moral and ethical principles that are grounded in the teachings of their respective traditions. 

Over the past 45 years ICCR members and colleagues have been in the forefront of drawing attention to the consequences of many destructive and dangerous products and abusive polices and been successful in recalling corporations to their social purpose, providing avenues for advocacy and redress to victims and awakening the conscience of other shareholders. 

The conference in Zug was a unique opportunity to share this story with representatives of many faith institutions and organizations from diverse traditions around the world and to discuss avenues for increased strategic collaboration.  

For more information about the conference and the Zug Guidelines to Faith-Consistent Investing click here.



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